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Carol's Dance Notes
DanceWorks is pleased to offer a retrospective of six of Carolís Dance Notes on our website. These enlightened programme notes are a vailable for selected national touring works. Carolís Dance Notes are published by Dance Collection Danse for DanceWorks

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Carol Anderson has pursued a diverse career as a dancer, choreographer, artistic director, consultant, educator and writer. A founding member of Toronto's Dancemakers, she danced with the company for fifteen years, and was Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer from 1985-89. Anderson's choreography for stage, theatre and film has been performed in Canada, the US, Britain and China. Author of a growing body of writing, her books include Rachel Browne: Dancing Toward the Light (1998), Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance I and II (1999/2002), Reflections in a Dancing Eye, with Joysanne Sidimus (2005), and Unfold: A Portrait of Peggy Baker (2008). Anderson is an Associate Professor of Dance at York University, from which she holds a BFA (Hons) and an MA.

Founded in 1986, Dance Collection Danse is Canada’s national dance archives and publisher dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Canadian theatrical dance history. Our programming combines ongoing activities in collection, preservation, research, publishing and education. We believe that the ability to demonstrate the longevity and depth of Canada’s dance history will encourage citizens to acknowledge and celebrate the art of dance.

Through DCD’s semi-annual magazine and our books encompassing biography, memoir, cultural history, educational resources and reference works to include Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada/Encyclopédie de la Danse Théâtrale au Canada, as well as exhibitions featured on our web site, DCD provides a context for the past and a foundation for the future of dance.

Our archival holdings represent the work of dance artists, companies and events related to theatrical dance dating back to the nineteenth century. These include choreographic notes, moving images, oral histories, sets, props, costumes, personal correspondence, house programmes and other artifacts illustrating a dynamic and rich Canadian theatrical dance legacy.

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For Solos/Four Cities (2000) by Lola Maclaughlin
Bite (1999)
by Peter Chin
For Solos/Four Cities (2000) by Lola Maclaughlin
Four Solos/Four Cities (2000) by Lola Maclaughlin
Interiors (2007) by Laurence Lemieux
Interiors (2007)
by Laurence Lemieux
A Constellation of Bones (2006) by Santee Smith
A Constellation of Bones (2006) by Santee Smith
REDD (2006) by Tedd Robinson
REDD (2006)
by Tedd Robinson
NO EXIT (2007) by Denise Fujiwara
NO EXIT (2007)
by Denise Fujiwara