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Marie Caloz

Sara Porter

Getting to Know your Fruit

Created + performed by Sara Porter i

Sara Porter offers ripe and raucous contemporary performance in her fresh and bold new solo Getting to Know your Fruit. After the success of Sara does a Solo – hailed in New York City, San Francisco, and across Canada for its daring imagination, candor and wit – Sara harvests the fruits of her 30-year career in contemporary dance, writing, singing, clown, theatre and visual design, and brings everything onstage. Exploding the theatrical moment into shards of memoir and movement to reveal the heart of a woman in search of herself.

“Outrageously funny and brutally vulnerable.”  Scott Charles, Writer’s Block, San Francisco


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May 07

- 10, 2020


Sara Porter


The Theatre Centre


Sara Porter in collaboration with Katherine Duncanson and Gerry Trentham

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Sara Porter

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Getting to Know your Fruit