Due to COVID-19, DanceWorks Student Matinee performances and in-school Workshop are on hiatus until we can gather safely. We currently offer virtual Workshops to schools with Toronto based artists. Here is our current roster and you can email for more info:


Workshop: Creative Movement

In this workshop, dancers will explore Hanna Kiel/Human Body Expression’s creative process. Hanna’s choreographic process challenges dancers to work with movement tasks and trust their artistic expression.


Workshop: Claiming our Voices through Solo Creation

During this workshop we will aim to claim our voices through movement invention and cultivating a sense of presence in our work. At the heart of this workshop are improvisations, tasks, and games designed to stir the imagination, and to facilitate the exploration and development of a personal and original movement vocabulary. In other words, a vocabulary that begins with one’s origin and self as the site of inquiry or starting point. This workshop will provide participants with both heavily structured and spacious/open ideas to take away. Participants will leave the workshop with a solo created or in the works that can parlay well into student projects.

Workshop: The Intelligent Body

In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of their anatomical structure and dynamic alignment, which is of benefit as we move through this pandemic. Connecting the bones, muscles, and skin through playful introductions and theoretical ideas, the students will be led through improvisation, conditioning and mindfulness work. There will be time for questions and a handout provided, including resources and exercises should students choose to continue exploring this work.


Workshop: Living Room Pieces

This workshop explores how we can create at home using the resources we have by looking at them with fresh eyes. Participants will be invited to create site-specific solos in their homes and to investigate physical relationships with the objects that inhabit their rooms. Living rooms will become laboratories for movement research and choreographic thinking, allowing participants to enrich their movement palette and inspire their creative minds. The workshop will start with a warm-up using improvisation to tune into our bodies and discover new ways of moving. After that we will create movements that explore the site of our rooms. Together we well develop tools for relating to objects and eventually dive into choreographic thinking to help us organize our movement research in a sensible way. At the end of this workshop, the dancers will have choreographed short solos and demonstrated that creating during a pandemic is possible. In addition, I will provide the students with tools and ideas for taking this project further thereby becoming independent, self-reliant creators and collaborators.


Workshop: Finding Your Choreographic Voice

In this workshop participants will use chance methods, free writing and choreographic tasks to create movement and solo material. Participants will explore how various creation methods elicit differing results and engage with contemporary choreographic principles. Through combining improvisation and quick decision making, participants will explore their own choreographic aesthetic and question their choices. Participants will choose an inspiration, create solos, and as a group combine these solos to choreograph a short dance. Afterwards, participants will have a discussion about what was created and how the decisions made impacted the final product and the audience’s interpretation. Dancers/creators can expect to leave the workshop with strategies and original material to be used in their own journeys with choreography and dance.


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    Photo: RUBBERBANDancegroup, Ever So Slightly, by Mathieu Doyon