Interview with Choreographer Hanna Kiel

Human Body Expression’s Resonance opens the DanceWorks CoWorks season. Choreographed by Hanna Kiel and the dancers, performed by live musicians, Resonance evokes the power of evolution.

Here, DanceWorks speaks with Hanna about the show.

DanceWorks: Resonance is inspired by the recent political movement in South Korea – the impeachment of now former president Park Geun-Hye in 2016. Can you talk about why this movement inspired you?

Hanna: There are many reasons, but mostly this event taught me about the power of togetherness. South Korea is a small country with a large population (almost 52 million people). You can imagine the many differences in that country – political, religious, regional, and generational. This event showed me many things about what we want, but most importantly what we don’t want. People felt that it was now or never and that urgency brought people together. Witnessing individuals with different beliefs and a generation gap come together was an inspiring experience. This was a reminder that we are all connected and can initiate change in the community.

DanceWorks: Can you discuss your creative process? How did you go about choreographing?

Hanna: I work in a task based collaborative process. I give solo material to each dancer with various tasks to work through. Then, the material can be developed into duets and groups, and given to other dancers.

My vision is mostly clear from the research process, however I’m still open and things can shape and shift into a different direction. With Resonance, I also add the element of live music. Greg Harrison and I work closely to share ideas and suggestions as I create the structure of the piece. Greg composes the full score, then organizes the instruments and musicians for the live performance.

DanceWorks: Is there a particular moment in the work that is most significant to you? Why?

Hanna: I don’t want to give too much away but we are creating an integrated music and dance performance. Of course we want the audience to watch the dance and hear the music, but we want to make sure each element is showcased and complimentary. You will also hear the dance and see the music. What does this mean? You have to come and see the show to find out!

DanceWorks: Thank you, Hanna.

 DanceWorks CoWorks presentation of Resonance runs September 26 28, 2019 at Sts. Cyril and Methody Church Hall. Tickets are available here.


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