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Holla Jazz

A Co-Presentation with TO Live

Holla Jazz will bring their soulful grooves up to the Greenwin Theatre with  performances of Dances with Trane, a collection of dances inspired by the music of prolific jazz musician John Coltrane. Seven dancers accompanied by Toronto’s finest musicians draw inspiration from the infamous Coltrane Circle illustration. Using the music of Coltrane as a guide, this collection of dances will explore how our relationships to ourselves, those around us, and the unseen, can exist in vibrant ways.

Fueled by a fascination with the history of social dance that is both intellectual and based in the body, Powell appears to have found a multi-faceted niche, one with many hidden reservoirs of historical and political power.” – Kathleen Smith, Dance International

“Powell’s choreography is exciting, yet cool, powerful and smooth.” – Valeria Nunziato, The Dance Current.

DanceWorks will also present a Student Matinee on April 1, 2020. More information available here.


Event Details


April 02

- 04, 2020


Greenwin Theatre


Natasha Powell

Company Name:

Holla Jazz

Show Name:

Dances with Trane