Artist Images for DanceWorks

  1. Please provide images in landscape/horizontal orientation (not in portrait/vertical orientation as we cannot use those images on our website).
  2. Keep the subject in the middle section of the image and do not add any text.
  3. Please send the highest resolution you have – this gives us options for cropping and allows your image to look great on the website and on social media. Our preferred minimum resolution is 2000 pixels by 1000 pixels. But if you’re not sure about the resolution you have, just send the images as created by your camera.

Looking for more details about the different places where we are using artist images? Read on below. Questions? Get in touch with us at

Images for Website

  1. This image should be 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. You can provide the image at higher resolution and we will resize it, but it should have this or similar aspect ratio (roughly 2 to 1) in a horizontal orientation.
  2. Keep the important content in the middle of the image. Items at the edges may get cropped depending on what device is being used to view the website.
  3. Avoid adding text to the image. If required, add text at the centre of the image and not near the edges where it may be cut off.
Home banner image dimensions and safe zone
This preview shows how the banner displays on different screen sizes

Images for Facebook

  1. Images to be used for Facebook posts should have a minimum resolution of 1200 pixels by 630 pixels.
  2. If the image is not available at 1200 pixels wide, then the minimum acceptable size is 600 pixels by 315 pixels.

Images for Instagram

  1. Images for use on Instagram should be 1080 pixels wide. For square images, make them 1080 pixels high. But you can go taller with a maximum height of 1350 pixels.
  2. The safest aspect ratio is square.
  3. Do not use lower resolution images as they will get scaled up by Instagram resulting in a loss of quality.


Images for use on the DanceWorks homepage and on Facebook share a common aspect ratio – around 2:1. Therefore, the images need to be about twice as wide as tall. This means the same image can be used on both platforms. Providing an image that is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall will allow us to use the same image on the DanceWorks site and on Facebook.

Keeping key content in the centre of the images will ensure they look good on the DanceWorks site and on Facebook since the images will display differently depending on the browser/device. Also, keeping key content in the centre gives the option to square crop images for use on Instagram.

This page last updated October 2021.