VIDEO: Nina Milanovski’s How did we get here?

A DanceWorks’ CoWorks presentation by Nina Milanovski! How did we get here? is an interactive, digital collection of dance films that questions how we change when we enter new and unfamiliar landscapes. Place yourself in the driver’s seat and choose your own adventure through a series of short dance films.

From choreographer Nina Milanovski:

How did we get here? Funnily enough, this has been a question I have been asking since 2018. Sometimes, in moments of awe and gratefulness, I wonder, “How did I get here? How did I get so lucky?”. So often in 2020 I couldn’t believe the mess we were in. This project is birthed from those moments of both amazement and disbelief.

This work began in 2017 as the culmination of my 4th year choreography class. It started out with questions investigating individuality and identity then morphed into my 2019 creation, [I]n sight. This work left behind questions of who am I right now and dived into the murky waters of, “Who will we become, how will we get there and when?”.

I was thrilled to revisit this work and honoured to be presented by DanceWorks as part of their CoWorks performance series. I would be lying if I said this is always how I thought this project would look, but I’m glad to be pushed in this new direction. I’m so proud of not only myself, but the dancers, and my fearless collaborators Connie and Sam for bringing this wild vision to life and well as all the other contributors involved.

This work explores who we become in different spaces. Who are you when you feel like your back’s against the wall? Who are you when you’re in your element? And who will you, the viewer, become when you’re in the driver’s seat. Choose your own adventure and see the result of your choreographic decisions.

I hope you take your time, and as much time as you want, to explore the world we have created. A world that flips between frightening and comforting, inquisitive and boisterous, and leaves you asking, how did we get here?

Watch the pilot episode of How did we get here? above, and then visit Nina’s page to choose your next episode and let the adventure begin!


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